Stop worrying about problems of yesterday. Start dreaming about solutions of tomorrow.


Our SCADA system is intended to work in cloud. It is available in two versions: industrial and individual customers. This is one of our last recent projects. See more!


We believe in the philosophy of three S - stability, support, security - what means entirely new possibilities of every user. You could belive or not - our product just works. Or do not believe. Just try it!


In a world, where 'everything is created with a passion' it is hard to believe that our team is made up by 100% professionals, who want to create, not only to earn. Well, we will not convince you of that. Try us!

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Since we created INTECHION in May 2004, we successfully implement various projects for various clients. The dynamic team of professionals allow us to offer you unique solutions tailored to your needs. We are open to cooperation - no matter whether it is realization of our concept or modify your ideas . There is only one condition: the work must be challenging and andexciting!